Why Rosati

People today are tired of broken promises, and not getting what they've paid for. That's why we focus on the way things used to be. Truly, the heart of our success is old fashioned business values. There is no real secret. We simply take care of the customer.


We are proud that our double-hung vinyl window has earned the highest structural rating in the country by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. But we are not surprised. Since we manufacture our windows right here in central Ohio, we control the quality. It enables us to make decisions other manufacturers don't, like adding steel to our sashes for extra durability.

Locally Manufactured

For many businesses and homeowners, the fact that we manufacture our windows right here in Columbus is a very strong competitive advantage. Columbus is a relationship-oriented city, and people like to support businesses that employ their friends and neighbors. There also is a comfort level for people that their new windows are being built just miles away.


What sets us apart more than anything else, however, is service to our customers. To keep this strong commitment to service, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. Our factory has state-of-the-art equipment and the best technicians in the industry. Our sales team respects the time customers spend with us. Our installation crews are on time, polite, and highly skilled. In fact, we frequently receive letters from customers thanking us for the honesty and professionalism of our people.

Quality Assurance

For almost a decade, we have relied on an important department at Rosati Windows: the Quality Assurance Group. We staffed this department with trained professionals who visit each customer after the installation is complete. Each Quality Assurance Technician makes a complete walk-through with the customers to make sure they are completely satisfied. This has taken us to the next level.

Our People

Many companies talk about how important their employees are to them, but they don't always show it. Rosati Windows is different. We let our employees know how we feel about them -- that they are the key to the company's success today and in the future. Hiring good people who share our belief in superior customer service is the first step in creating a business built on service and integrity.


We talk so much about quality that customers may think price is an issue, but it's actually just the opposite. Having our own manufacturing facility right here in Columbus gives us control over our product. We have the ability to construct an extremely high quality window at a very, very fair price.

Community Involvement

  • The Buckeye Ranch

    The Ranch was founded by a group of women who, after searching for the community's greatest need, banded together to dedicate their time and resources to the troubled adolescents of Franklin County. Today, the tradition continues with The Buckeye Ranch Service Board members serving as ambassadors for The Buckeye Ranch, volunteering with the youth, and raising critical funds to support The Ranch. 

  • Nurturing the Nursing Profession

    Founded in 2011, the inspiration for Nurturing the Nursing Profession Scholarships, came from NNPS founder Tara Lancione, during the years she worked as an oncology nurse. She was profoundly affected by the courage of the individuals whom she was honored to serve. This experience ultimately translated into the formation of this organization by her and the Board members who believe well-educated nurses are essential if we are to meet the nation’s increasingly complex health care needs and resolve the nursing shortage. 

  • The Justice League of Ohio

    The Justice League is a nonprofit crime victims' rights legal clinic founded to help ensure that the constitutional, statutory, and unalienable rights of victims of violent crime are upheld throughout the criminal justice process. The goal of The Justice League is to restore faith and balance in the criminal justice process.  The Justice League also does outreach in the Ohio community to raise awareness about the prevalence of victim rights violations and the need for proper criminal justice responses. 
  • Charitable Pharmacy

    In January 2003, Rosati Windows announced large-scale support of Charitable Pharmacy: a non-profit organization of Access Health and the Columbus Medical Association Foundation that provides medication for people in need. Rosati Windows has included Charitable Pharmacy in radio advertising, thus giving the organization an incredible boost in awareness.