The Buckeye Ranch

The Ranch was founded by a group of women who, after searching for the community’s greatest need, banded together to dedicate their time and resources to the troubled adolescents of Franklin County. Today, the tradition continues with The Buckeye Ranch Service Board members serving as ambassadors for The Buckeye Ranch, volunteering with the youth, and raising critical funds to support The Ranch. Since the beginning, The Buckeye Ranch mission has been, restoring hope and providing healing for children and families.


Ohio Cancer Research Associates

Established in 1982, Ohio Cancer Research Associates is an independent, statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to the cure and prevention of the many forms of cancer and the reduction of its debilitating effects through aggressive basic seed money research, cancer information, and awareness. Ohio Cancer Research Associates is not affiliated with any other organization.

The over $6.8 million in seed money provided by Ohio Cancer Research Associates has generated over $174.2 million in new money from other sources to continue basic cancer research on projects initially funded.


Charitable Pharmacy

In January 2003, Rosati Windows announced large-scale support of Charitable Pharmacy a non-profit organization of Access Health and the Columbus Medical Association Foundation that provides medication for people in need. Rosati Windows has included Charitable Pharmacy in radio advertising, thus giving the organization an incredible boost in awareness.