The Justice League of Ohio

The Justice League is a nonprofit crime victims' rights legal clinic founded to help ensure that the constitutional, statutory, and unalienable rights of victims of violent crime are upheld throughout the criminal justice process. The goal of The Justice League is to restore faith and balance in the criminal justice process.  The Justice League also does outreach in the Ohio community to raise awareness about the prevalence of victim rights violations and the need for proper criminal justice responses. 
The Justice League assists all victims of violent crime including victims of homicide, sexual violence, domestic violence, assault, stalking, and fraud.
  • About 98% of victims' rights violations involve women & children who are victims of sexual violence and domestic violence.
  • Currently 61% of violent, personal, and property crimes are not reported because citizens recognize that the rights of defendants & offenders are favored over the rights of citizens who have been victimized by crime and as a result have lost faith in the criminal justice process.
  • "...the National Center for Victims of Crime says the fact that 61 percent (or 15 million) violent, personal and property crimes went unreported, points to an overall lack of confidence in the criminal justice system." National Center for Victims of Crime "The Department of Justice estimates that only 30% of rapes and sexual assaults are ever reported. Of those reported, only 20% of the cases are prosecuted."- Bureau of Justice Statistics, US Department of Justice 
  • 1 in 3 sexual assault victims are under the age of 12- Snyder & Sickmund
  • "...there is a significant - if not widening - gulf between the public's expectations and the current performance of the criminal justice system."- Council of State Governments
  • "Victims needs and rights are often ignored. Policies and practices that respect victims' rights and address victims' needs will benefit the entire community and the entire justice system. Victims should be the primary customers of the justice system."- International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • "Victims are overlooked in the criminal justice system. We need to strike a better balance between the rights of the victim and the rights of the accused." -National Sheriff's Association