New Door Installation in Columbus, OH

At Rosati Windows, we are proud of the doors and windows that we sell and install. Our customers can choose from an expansive variety of materials and products, including both exterior and sliding glass doors. We also provide door installation services for our customers.

Door Installation Process

Proper measurements and installation are crucial to guaranteeing the functionality of a door. Errors in measurements could lead to sticking, scraping, gaps, insect infestations, and moisture problems. Our professional team understands every step of the process and can complete the work faster and easier than a homeowner. Expert installation also helps to avoid costly damage to the door frame or surrounding surfaces.

Exterior Door Installation

Rosati Windows is ready to help you create the entryway of your dreams, with extensive color matching capabilities and options in wood, steel, and fiberglass. A fiberglass or steel door offers more weather resistance than wood, although wood offers eco-friendly and traditional benefits. Exterior doors can be heavy and difficult to install, which is why we recommend professional installation services.

Sliding Glass Door Installation

Our sliding glass doors are double paned with low emissivity, or low-E, glass to ensure weather resistance. Features such as internal blinds provide light control and enhance privacy. Our custom color options ensure that a door perfectly compliments your home. Just as with exterior doors, proper installation is integral to ensuring that doors slide correctly and close tightly.

When selecting from doors and installation services, trust our professional team to assist you.