Community Involvement

  • Charitable Pharmacy

    In January 2003, Rosati Windows announced large-scale support of Charitable Pharmacy: a non-profit organization of Access Health and the Columbus Medical Association Foundation that provides medication for people in need. Rosati Windows has included Charitable Pharmacy in radio advertising, thus giving the organization an incredible boost in awareness.

  • The Justice League of Ohio

    The Justice League is a nonprofit crime victims' rights legal clinic founded to help ensure that the constitutional, statutory, and unalienable rights of victims of violent crime are upheld throughout the criminal justice process. The goal of The Justice League is to restore faith and balance in the criminal justice process.  The Justice League also does outreach in the Ohio community to raise awareness about the prevalence of victim rights violations and the need for proper criminal justice responses. 
  • Nurturing the Nursing Profession

    Founded in 2011, the inspiration for Nurturing the Nursing Profession Scholarships, came from NNPS founder Tara Lancione, during the years she worked as an oncology nurse. She was profoundly affected by the courage of the individuals whom she was honored to serve. This experience ultimately translated into the formation of this organization by her and the Board members who believe well-educated nurses are essential if we are to meet the nation’s increasingly complex health care needs and resolve the nursing shortage. 

  • The Buckeye Ranch

    The Ranch was founded by a group of women who, after searching for the community's greatest need, banded together to dedicate their time and resources to the troubled adolescents of Franklin County. Today, the tradition continues with The Buckeye Ranch Service Board members serving as ambassadors for The Buckeye Ranch, volunteering with the youth, and raising critical funds to support The Ranch.