Wooden Windows in Columbus, OH

If you are looking for recommendations on wooden windows, the team of professionals at Rosati Windows is eager to help you find the perfect options.

Advantages of Wooden Windows

Wood provides a distinctive warmth and beauty that other materials cannot match. Wood framing is an excellent type of insulation, up to 400 times more efficient than steel frames and up to 1,800 times more efficient than aluminum. This insulation can reduce heating and air conditioning costs throughout the year. Wood also serves as noise insulation, helping to muffle loud outdoor sounds.

Matching windows with existing features in older homes can help to ensure that homes maintain their traditional style, both inside and outside. When sourced from a sustainable supplier, wood is also an eco-friendly alternative to some of the composite materials available today.

Custom Wooden Windows

Custom wooden windows are manufactured to fit a specific opening, which ensures the tightest installation. Our patented technology with interlock design does not require the use of fasteners or adhesives, which ensures that the window stays secure and weather tight.

Our wooden windows are also available in conjunction with a vinyl frame. These combination windows include high-quality welded frames and sashes to provide more strength than traditional mechanical systems, as well as high-performance glass to ensure energy efficiency. We offer customers a choice of over 20 different wood finishes to match nearly any home's interior.

See what new wooden windows can do for your home with exceptional products from Rosati Windows. We stand behind our products and services and offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Our Wood Windows

Our Wood Windows
  1. Manufactured To Fit Openings - Makes for a nice tight installation with no need to modify existing openings.
  2. Patented Technology - Eliminates the need for adhesives or fasteners that can fail over time.
  3. Constant Force Balance - Ensures easy operation, even after decades of regular use.
  4. High Performance Glass - Creates comfortable, energy efficient home.
  5. Integral Interlock - Forms a tight weather seal at meeting rail.
  6. Flush Mount Tilt Latches - Allows for ease of cleaning.
  7. Fusion welded sloped sill - Allows for water drainage.
  8. Wood Lift at Lock Rail - A feature typical of traditional wood windows.
  9. Welded Frame & Sash - Superior strength, especially when compared to mechanical systems.
  10. Match Your Home’s Interior - Choose from more than 20 wood finishes.