Rosati Windows First in Central Ohio to Manufacture Custom Wood/Vinyl Combo

rosati wood window

Rosati Windows is the first in central Ohio to manufacture custom wood-in/vinyl-out replacement windows. Our new product unites the warmth and elegance of a true dimensional hardwood window with the energy efficiencies and superior strength offered only by an all welded, weather-sealed vinyl unit. Superior strength and durability are accomplished through the use of an all-welded frame and sash and a sloped sill that allows for adequate water drainage.

What makes this new wood-vinyl window so good? The secret is in how the two materials are put together. Vinyl and wood have different expansion rates; therefore they grow and shrink at different rates when subjected to temperature change. For example, take a 90-degree day with the sun on the vinyl outside while the AC is cranking away inside to keep the home cool. The value of our unique manufacturing system is that it contains a glazing bead that allows the wood and vinyl to float on each other without glue or any mechanical connection, thus allowing the wood and vinyl to expand and contract at different rates without creating stress. This successfully eliminates the need for adhesives and mechanical fasteners that will fail over time. This float method also eliminates moisture build-up that can rot and decay the wood sash beneath.

Solid and removable wood window grids also are available for customers who like a divided light appearance. Unlike cumbersome all-wood windows, our new window is easy to clean due to flush mount tilt latches.