Blossoms and babies! Spring is surely upon us! I wanted to put up the image of the magnolias – it’s always one of my favorite times of year and I’m bummed you all didn’t get to see it. And the pictures I’m getting are pictures of babies, so babies is what you’re getting! But what’s better than these beautiful little faces! By the time we’re able to gather again in groups of 50, these kids will be driving!

Ok, lots of good things in this one. First, let me lead off saying that April 1st marked the 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of ROSATI WINDOWS!!! What a bummer we couldn’t celebrate at work, but it’s an incredible accomplishment that started with my dad and JV at the old building on Wilson Rd, pulling out miles of wire from gross drywall, selling windows during the day and building them at night. And here we are, 20 years later, the number one window company in central Ohio thanks to their hard work and sacrifice! No virus is going to keep us down for long, we’ve got at least 20 more good years ahead of us! and on that note…

WE GOT FUNDED!!! The bank deposited our loan into our account this morning!!! The funding is for approximately 8 weeks of operating costs, so that means we have funds to keep everyone on payroll while we are shut down for at least the next 4 pay periods! My dad and Nicole really put a lot of effort into locking this down, and you may have seen how the government already ran out of money for this program, so we are very fortunate to have secured these funds. Please be sure to thank them when you get the chance!

Now, the funding was determined by the bank off of our 2019 records, so instead of getting a full 80 hours on each of the upcoming pays, you will be getting an average of your total hours worked in 2019 (including PTO and holiday hours). So if you typically worked a full 80 hours last year, then your upcoming pay checks while we are shut down will reflect that. Similarly, if you only averaged around 60 hours per pay in 2019, your check will reflect that as well. If you had more than a week off of unpaid time due to something like a surgery or maternity leave, please email Nicole at [email protected], as we will review these matters on a case by case basis and may be able to factor this time out of your average. And for those of you on the sales team, Brent or my dad will explain how this will work for you.

Ok, one last piece of good news. As you may have heard, governor DeWine is talking about beginning to open up Ohio beginning on May 1st, and we’re hoping that will include us. Currently, we are making plans assuming this will be the case, so if DeWine says we can, then we’ll be back to work on 5/4! Things will definitely look different if we do indeed go back to work on 5/4, but we’re securing masks (you may want to see about finding your own, as it will probably be mandatory to have a mask on to come to work, but we will be able to supply everyone with at least one reusable mask), JV got a bunch of hand sanitizer from Watershed Distillery (or maybe it was Midwest…), we’re making sure social distancing is set up in the factory – lots of changes, but at least we can get back to work. We’ve still had an insane amount of leads come in and the sales team has been doing great work remotely to keep new jobs coming in, so there’s lots of work to do once it’s safe for us to do it! I’ll send more details on this as towards the end of this week or early next week, but right now we’re waiting for more specific instructions from the government and preparing what we can. We obviously want to do everything we can to make sure we’re as safe as possible and we’ll be sure to adhere to whatever best practices the government provides. And if we can’t open up yet, then we won’t, but I wanted to let you know what we’re planning right now, based on the information we have.

Ok, I think that’s enough for now. I hope you’re all enjoying the weather and this information takes a weight off of your chest! Have a wonderful day, take care of each other, and stay safe! See you soon!

  • Tony