Greetings everyone!

Ok, let me start with good news – our loan has been approved! This is the loan that we need in order to be able to fund payroll and keep everyone paid. Now, there is a difference between the loan being approved and being funded, so I can’t say yet that we’ll be able to fund payroll beyond the 48 hours I already told you would be on your 4/17 check, but the loan has to be approved before it can be funded, so everything is on track for a full paycheck on 4/17 (and beyond), I just can’t say, “We’re all set for payday!” until the money is in the bank. But don’t mistake me, we’re on schedule and everything is looking good! I am hopeful I’ll be able to tell you we have the money by early next week.

So that’s my main update. Now for fun things.

Jamie Marcum’s birthday was on Tuesday! Happy Birthday, Jamie! And Amber Hume’s is today!! Happy Birthday, Amber!

Also, here are some more photos of Shawn’s kiddo –

And here’s Matt and Amy’s kiddo –

And here’s Danny’s boy, receiving the dirt bike that his father before him rode, and his father’s father before him! The legacy continues!


You guys are great. Thanks for sending this stuff. I hope everyone is doing well and making the most of this time. Hopefully we’ll never experience anything like this again! Take care and stay safe!

  • Tony