Greetings everyone!

I hope everyone was able to get outside on Wednesday – it was incredible to see the sun, if only for a little bit. I wanted to touch base before the weekend and give you a tiny update, as well as share some things, including…… in at a solid 10 lbs

Mr. James Pitt!!! Shawn is a papa! At least to a human baby, he sent me this too…This is Capone. He does not look like a crime boss.

So that’s awesome! I’m sure Shawn does not have too much time on his hands right now.

Send me more photos of what you all are up to and I’ll put them up on future posts.

In terms of what’s going on with the company, things have been surprisingly busy since we shut down on Monday. We had 20 sales leads come in as of Wednesday, and I know we’ve received more yesterday and today, so people still want windows. Mike recorded a radio spot announcing our shut down and letting customers know we’re still around – I’ll put a copy of that below – it came out pretty well.

Our loan request has been received and is now “under review”. We’ve been told this could take 2-3 weeks, but I’ll update you as I can. Additionally, the senate passed a $2 Trillion stimulus plan and the House just approved it today. President Trump is supposed to sign it soon. We’ll look into it over the weekend and figure out what we can take advantage of in terms of keeping the company financed and keeping people on payroll and I’ll update you with our next steps early next week. There is also a provision where more than 150 million households would receive checks which would send payments of $1,200 to many individual Americans plus $500 for children. People with incomes more than $99,000 wouldn’t be eligible and the benefits starts to decrease for those earning between $75,000 and $99,000. This isn’t law yet, but it seems very likely to pass, so keep your eyes open for that.

So hopefully that’s some good news as we head into the weekend. I’ll post another update on Monday or Tuesday and if I get more images of your quarantine lives, maybe I’ll post something over the weekend. Take care and stay safe!



And here’s the 60 second radio spot my dad recorded today.